Watching Typhoon Haiyan wreak havoc and devastation from half a world away, we at Explo have been continually thinking of our students, families, and friends in the Philippines.

We cannot fathom what has been lost, suffered, or witnessed as Typhoon Haiyan ravaged countless villages, towns, and cities. We are also very aware that further struggles lie ahead.

Please know that we hold our students and their families in our thoughts and hearts as they face the incredible challenges of Haiyan’s destruction and aftermath. We are praying for their safety.

Though we know email is still not functioning in many areas at this time, we have reached out to students and families and will post updates here when we have new information.

We have heard from several families who reside in the northern part of the Philippines, near Manila, a geographic area largely untouched by the typhoon. However, these families are still working hard on behalf of their countrymen and are feeling the effects of this destruction.

It is hard not to feel anger, helplessness and frustration. But the Filipino people are known for their resiliency, and I have no doubt we will recover.

Please see the list below for the first names of students who have been in touch to let us know they are safe.

Yang Chen

With continued healing thoughts and support,

Moira Kelly, Executive Director and President