Soft-spoken but driven, Timesea believes that the courses she is taking at EXPLO will help her contribute to her community as they continue the mission of the Black Lives Matter movement.

I came here thanks to the Sunflower County Freedom Project. I was awarded a scholarship that would allow me to attend EXPLO and I couldn't say no to such an opportunity. Before coming here, I knew the classes would be different to my high school classes, but I never expected them to be this different.

I am taking Criminal Justice and Personality + Behavioral Psychology. I am learning so many things that I can actually immediately apply to my life outside of EXPLO. Growing up in my area, I have always been exposed to the Black Lives Matter movement. They really inspire me because at the core of their movement, they really are just fighting for what is right, and I really admire that. The things I am learning right now in my classes here are helping me better understand what is going on in and around my community and I feel I can now be an asset to the movement when I go back home.

I hope to become a lawyer, because I want to be able to defend those who for so long have been denied due process. This will only happen after years of law school of course, so for now I am focusing on my spoken word poetry. I taught myself how to do it and I have found it a really good avenue for self- expression. It is also really impactful when it comes to movements such as  Black Lives Matter, and I am hoping to be able to add to the movement through my spoken word poetry.