Sterling always thought he wanted to be an engineer, but had a burgeoning interest in the psychology of the criminal mind. Here at EXPLO, he has "fallen in love" with Criminal Psychology and has been inspired to further pursue this interest in the future. 

In school, I like to socialize with my friends. We just talk about everything, and we also go to the mall and get food while doing that. I like communicating with people. I love having friends — that I have someone I can talk to who is not my parents, and share secrets with them.

At EXPLO, my favorite thing is that we can learn so many new things. Like the human rights class — we have never had something like that back home. No one even talks about that. It is the first time I've learned about all these things and it's so cool. Today we talked about how the United Nations was built to keep peace, but instead it infringes upon a nation's' right to govern itself to be the big power.

This summer I'm taking Anatomy and Criminal Psychology. They are both very interesting. My Criminal Psychology instructor is so knowledgable and she makes things really fun. It's only the fourth day here and I've already learned so much. I've always liked shows about a criminal's mind and related things. Now I'm learning them in real life. We literally just learned about the profiling stuff that they always have in TV shows yesterday. Now I want to further develop my interest in it. Before I came, I've always thought I wanted to be an engineer. But after switching from the Engineering course to Criminal Psychology, I literally just fell in love with it. I might study it in college!