Driven by the diverse interactions he has had at EXPLO and a desire to understand human behavior, Rayyan says he'll bring a greater sense of empathy to his work and relationships at school.

Many of my friends suggested coming here because they had such great experiences at the program so I figured why not try it for myself! So far it has been a really life-changing experience. My courses have really helped me learn more about what it is I am interested in.

I am taking Advertising + Marketing alongside Behavioral Psychology. I want to know how people work, what makes them do what they do, specifically from a marketing perspective. It is interesting because not many people know that there is psychology behind the decisions people make in grocery stores, for example. As someone who claims to have an interest in business, I did not know some of these things and EXPLO has really helped me see the bigger picture when it comes to the field of business.

When I go home I hope to take an advertising and marketing course because I really loved taking the class here. As for psychology, I feel more in-tune with people and I think I now have a greater sense of empathy. Being in high school, people tend to gravitate towards individuals with the same interests as theirs, and I think, for me, EXPLO has changed that. Not only do I understand more about how the mind works, but I also see myself socializing with people from other disciplines at my school, such as psychology, because one thing EXPLO has taught me is that there is so much to learn from different people and you are only hurting yourself by limiting your social interactions to only be with those that are similar to you.