After an inspiring lecture from positive psychologist and teacher of NYU's most popular course, Dan Lerner at CORE Day, Nina is putting his tips for practicing positive interactions into action on campus.

I really liked the session about Creating Great Relationships at CORE Day. I like how we all connected and talked about the stuff that the speaker, Dan Lerner, said about maintaining relationships and how you can work harder on things and focus more — focus with friends, trusting them, and how to interact with them in ways that are better for you and the other person. That was really cool and really helpful.

I feel like it can really help me here and also back home, because whenever when I see someone new, I feel like talking to them — to say hi and communicate with them in the best way possible. Now I have thoughts about what I can say and talk about to people while paying attention to not hurt their feelings. And it helps me feel that it can make all the connections better in the future.