Middle school Lego coach Kendall believes her time here at EXPLO is equipping her with the necessary tools required for protecting individuals in our technologically-evolving world.

I came here primarily for the Cybersecurity course and I have no regrets. Cybersecurity is interesting for me because it is like a giant puzzle that can be put together and you get such a great sense of satisfaction when you have cracked the code.

When I was young I used to do puzzles, then I moved onto legos. I got quite far in the lego world. I competed at Robotic Lego competitions up until I was too old to compete, and now I coach middle-schoolers who compete in Lego Championships. The competitions are pretty intense — you basically get a robotic map and you have to build within it while deciphering what is being robotically generated. I learned a ton from these competitions and they definitely helped me have stable footing once I entered the cybersecurity world.

With the rapid change in technology that is happening in today's world, hackers are rampant and there is more of a need for protection. Learning cybersecurity would help me be that person who can protect others. One thing that has been emphasized in my Cybersecurity course here at EXPLO is the increased importance this field has in the world and I could not agree more.