Classical dancer Kaavya has had her eyes set on a future in dance alone — but having been exposed to new interests and strengths at EXPLO, she's now reconsidering that singular path in favor of something more diversified.

I have been doing classical Indian dance since I was four years old. I like the sense of community I get when I dance because a lot of the pieces are done in groups. It also serves as such an effective way to express my emotions. It has really become a part of me, probably because I have been doing it for so long.

I have a passion for dance in general as well, and I was set on doing that in my future, but EXPLO has exposed me to so many different things that I find my plans being transformed slightly. That might be interpreted as confusing for a student, but it has actually been the opposite. Being exposed to different things has opened my eyes to the many skills that I have and I have learned that I can be good at other things. I guess I can say this experience got me thinking about the question, "How do you know something is right for you, if you have never been exposed to something to compare it to?"

Having said this, my passion for dance still exists — I am just realizing now that my journey for the future does not have to be single-oriented. I can get into Criminal Psychology, which is a course that I took here and I found great interest in. At the same time, I can still pursue my dance interests. It really is all about balance and finding the things that make you happy. EXPLO taught me that, and I am grateful for the exposure I got here.