At his core, John is a dancer.  The EXPLO Ambassador from Massachusetts loves exploring the art form in order to use what he's learned to empower others. 

You don’t see many guys who dance. But when you do, it helps you realize and explore the wall that’s created through expectations that guys will do sports and girls will dance.

I find that these stereotypes can be really limiting in my own life and in what I choose to do. For example, if I want to do break dancing or hip hop, that’s fine. It’s considered acceptable. But let’s take ballet— you don’t often see a guy dancing around in a tutu doing ballet.

I've realized that these limitations are more in my head when I dance. It’s more that I think it will happen. But what I find is that people at first begin to question the idea, but then over time learn to accept and embrace it as well. 

To me, it’s most important that people perceive me as passionate. I want to use my passion to leave behind the drive to take initiative. I find that people tend to be afraid to start certain visions, especially ones that involve dance and music. I want to encourage those around me to do what they love and create opportunities and environments for others to do so as well.