Jean is of Lebanese descent and currently lives in Dubai. A well travelled student, he says his explorations this summer have helped prepare him for future success.

I was looking for summer programs to go for when I stumbled upon EXPLO. I had previously attended programs in England, but I definitely think EXPLO is a lot more enriching and very different. The biggest difference I have noticed about EXPLO, compared to similar programs, is the immense diversity we have within the community. They really aren't kidding when they say we are a very diverse group of students. My favorite thing to do here is talk to all the people from all around the world during my free-time. We usually sit and talk about how life is at home, and I have learned so much about cultures that are very different to mine.

EXPLO also allows us to take very different and very interesting classes. I am taking Investment Methods and Startup Entrepreneurship. I had never taken these classes before — or anything close to it. I feel I am really learning new things, and not just building up on already existing knowledge I had prior to coming here. I now know how to invest, what is the best way to do it, and most importantly, how the mind of an entrepreneur works. 

I feel more equipped now — more than ever — to make decisions about my future because I actually got to sample and try different things out. I have enrolled in similar classes to what I am taking here for my next year of high school and EXPLO has been a great place to gain the confidence I need to do well in these courses.