Jade and Maria are both from Lebanon, but EXPLO is where they met and have become friends. That's not all they have in common — whether Filmmaking or Mechanical Engineering, each are taking risks and trying something new this summer.

Jade: This weekend, I went on the trip to Brownstone Park and World Trade Center and I really enjoyed the World Trade Center trip. It was the first time I went to New York. And it was an amazing building. 

Maria: I went to Six Flags yesterday and a movie today. Six Flags was really fun, I really enjoyed my time there.

Jade: The people I meet here at EXPLO are all really nice. They all want to be friends with you when you talk to them. So it's really easy to make friends and have a good time here.

Maria: I made a lot of friends here through my living groups and my classes. And when I walk around and meet someone new, we just talk about what classes we are taking and find similar interests and become friends.

Jade: My favorite class here is Filmmaking. It's the first time I'm doing filmmaking and taking it as a course. We are going to do a big project at the end of the three weeks. In the meantime, we learn about filmmaking and watch some videos to learn from other people's finished projects. The cool thing about the class is that you get to make your film at the end! We can do whatever we want and be creative.

Maria: My favorite class is Mechanical Engineering because it's a class where you make things and try them out. It's not like listening and writing and just being in a classroom. You can really make something cool with your hands in the class. I don't know if I want to be an engineer in the future, so I'm trying it out here to see.