EXPLO veteran Ethan is eager to learn more of the very valuable soft-skills he acquires here at EXPLO. He hopes to use these skills in his future endeavors, which may include Filmmaking and Business.

This is my third year coming to EXPLO, and honestly, if I was to pick one reason why I always come back it would have to be the people. The community here is amazing! You meet people from all around the world and you are exposed to the different nuances that varied communities have.

Before EXPLO, if someone put me in a new environment with new people, I would shy away and keep to myself. Being at EXPLO has changed that. I meet new people and I am more eager to get to know them because I know I learned a lot from meeting new people at EXPLO — so if the opportunity presents itself in another context, I jump for it.

I am taking Advertising and Marketing as my two classes this year and I feel they really tie into the human community aspect here at EXPLO. I love that with both film and advertising and marketing you are able to create content that can sway people's opinions and ideas. And what better place to test those skills than here at EXPLO?!