Declan — a third year Ambassador with eight EXPLO summers under his belt — has a wide range of interests. While thinking of studying psychology in the future, this summer he decided that he want to explore more about drawing and philosophy.

One thing I have been doing for a long time has been singing in the chorus. I was the baritone. I really enjoyed the singing itself. Other than being in the chorus, I love doing Muay Thai martial art. It focuses on knees and elbows. I've been doing that for about three years. Before that, I started with karate. I learned about the basic forms of martial arts. I also love doing glassblowing and metal forging. I took classes in them and enjoyed the process of creating art a lot.

EXPLO is a program that has provided me the environment for trying out a lot of new things. It is the whole experience of learning, making friends, and trying different things that attracts me the most, so I have been coming back year after year, and I'm looking forward to this year's program. I'm going to take drawing and philosophy at EXPLO this year. My course selection involves both arts and academics, which is very fun for me to explore. However, I'd like to study psychology in the future because I want to use the relative knowledge to help people.