Just one week into his EXPLO summer, David has connected with experts in his Investment Methods course whose ideas and experiences are guiding him toward future endeavors in the field.

I like playing baseball. I play on my school team and an after school weekend team. I have played baseball for about nine or 10 years. I really enjoy it because it's fun to be on the team and work with other people, and it's comforting to play. I usually like to work with other people in school and sports. There are times when I need to get things done on my own. But working with other people is more of a support for me.

I'm taking Investment Methods and Game Theory here. I don't really know what I want to do in the future yet. I'm taking more math and science now, but I'm experimenting with different things at EXPLO.

Investment Methods is definitely a good introduction course so far. The class is fun; I'm enjoying it. I think I might work with some investment related stuff afterwards. There are a few things from the class that I think will be useful for the future. One of them is that we had a guest speaker the other day and it was very interesting to hear him talk. He has done a lot of stuff in real life that we are learning about. He works at an investment company and has worked with building companies. It great to listen to him and to see what he finds important. I can learn about it and then try it out myself in the future.