After connecting with experts JV Hart and PEZ International, Danny's perspectives on creative writing and advertising are evolving to see the complexities associated with each of his interests. 

Two things I really like in my life are running and computer science. I like running because it's really nice to help me clear my mind in general. It gives me good time to think and it's a good exercise. For computer science, it's like math mixing with computers — it's all problem solving and it's useful in general. I also like reading when I'm by myself. I like reading science fiction and fantasy. 

I just had a whole afternoon writing seminar with JV Hart. At school, I was always taught that there are four or five parts for a story, but the way he describes it is more like there are twelve parts — it really breaks it down and taught me how, instead of following one person's story, you are following all characters' stories, and how one can affect all the others. I've never thought about it in that way before.

I'm also taking Advertising + Marketing here. I learned that you really have to focus on who you are marketing to and how you are marketing. How and who you are marketing to is much more complicated than I originally thought. You wouldn't just have random people as models when advertising a product. It's specifically tailored for each product.

One thing I enjoyed the most here is the community. It's great how welcoming the community is. I only knew one or two people here from last year. I'm meeting so many new people here and it's amazing. The living groups are so tight and it's fun to see how we all interact with each other. I feel the different age range is helping to get different people together. We can get advice from the older students and the older students can give advice to the younger ones.