Bella, who taught herself American Sign Language and now works as a translator at concerts, describes herself as a "Jane of Many Trades" who is finally understanding the value of her varied interests here at EXPLO.

I taught myself American Sign Language because I was just really interested in it. But now, I get to volunteer at concerts where I can translate songs for deaf students, so I guess I could say this simple interest of mine has reaped more benefits than I initially thought it would.

I have always been that person who is interested in many things. Like here at EXPLO I am taking Public Speaking, Forensic Science, and Tennis. There are often times that people will tell you having too many interests is a bad thing, and I believed that for a while. It was only here, in my Forensic Science class, that my instructor told me that does not always have to be the case. She helped me understand that, for starters, I could simply double major in college. But even if that isn't the path I choose to take, everything is interconnected and each skill I learn can be utilized in whatever field I choose to go into.

My goal is to just continue to learn. I am so excited for my Forensic Science class because it's something I have never done before — never had the opportunity to do — so it's new and exciting, and I feel so inspired.