Adam, a rising sophomore, has dreams that are out of this world... literally. Hearing guest speaker and innovator Brian Hughes — an engineer and serial entrepreneur — talk on campus reaffirmed his own vision of colonizing Mars. 

I truly believe we need to start colonizing Mars. With my knowledge of mass extinctions, as well as with political escalations, it’s something we should be thinking about. I’m really interested in genetic engineering, so I’m glad to make connections and get advice like we did from Brian Hughes today.

Hearing how he went to MIT, held many positions, and then moved into the field he desired was motivating for me. I also thought it was interesting how flexible he was and able to adapt. He said he was the poster child for Attention Deficit Disorder; I have ADHD and face obstacles with that, so it’s interesting that he was able to overcome that and achieve at that level.

With his presentation, it was interesting seeing actually how one applies the technology and the software we have to design. He showed all the steps, and work, and time that goes into creating a product. We don’t really think about how much time goes into even the simplest of products.

I hope to be able to contribute to the movement to colonize Mars; it’s what I see as humanity’s next step. Engineering and design will really help me achieve that life goal.