“Science Bob” Pflugfelder is an immediate superstar wherever he goes. We love perusing his website and the oodles of hands-on, DIY experiments he showcases, complete with step-by-step instructions, shopping lists, and videos—everything a budding scientist (and his or her dedicated adult helper) needs to get real with science.

Bob Pflugfelder, better known as "Science Bob," is a revered teacher at Fessenden, an all-boys school in the Greater Boston area. Daily, he delights and inspires his students with live demonstrations ("Blobs in a Bottle," "Fantastic Foamy Fountain," and "Exploding Lunch Bag," just to offer a few examples) of hands-on experiments they can try in class, and most of which we can all try at home.

When he’s not at his day job, Science Bob can be seen wowing audiences with science performances on Live with Kelly and Michael, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! A Kimmel producer "discovered" Science Bob on his YouTube channel back when he was living in Los Angeles, tutoring young Hollywood stars on set.

Science Bob at Explo
We were thrilled to feature Science Bob at our Explo Learning Festival in April. Offering a sensational a series of 4 demonstration (each more awe-inspiring than the last, and culminating in the creation of a cloud made out of liquid nitrogen and hot water), Science Bob punctuated the day with larger-than-life expressions of the kind of learning and teaching that is the very pulse of our summer and year-round communities of Exploration.

So many of the things we and others love about Science Bob in person—unbridled joy for science and discovery, a focus on asking questions and seeking answers through thoughtful experimentation, a boundless sense of imagination, and a palpable insistence that learning should be fun—are found on his website. A visit to Science Bob’s site will get you lost in his in his particular brand of magic. Before you know it, you and your kids will be setting up demonstrations, cooking up experiments, and becoming much more engaged in science than you ever thought possible.

Check out Science Bob doing his "Fantastic Foamy Fountain" demonstration (aka "Elephant Toothpaste") on Jimmy Kimmel Live!