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Feb 27, 2019 Video EXPLO Today

EXPLO Students Build Architecture Skills with Pinehills Partnership

At EXPLO we work to give students real-world experience wherever possible, allowing them to take the skills they gain in our courses and apply them to authentic projects similar to scenarios they could encounter out in the world.

Cam Ciesielski


We believe the best learning often happens outside of the classroom when students are able to tackle assignments based on real world problems. Working with a variety of world-class organizations allows us to provide these opportunities to EXPLO students.

Last summer, we were thrilled to partner with The Pinehills, a residential development located in Plymouth, MA widely praised for their site planning and design. This partnership led to an incredible, immersive experience for our architecture students.

The aspiring architects first visited The Pinehills, meeting with managing partner Tony Green and his team. The group walked the land while Tony told the story of the development and answered questions from the group. As the tour wrapped up the students were shown a parcel of land and received their assignment: now that we've decided that we want to build on this land, how should the site be developed?

Over the next two weeks, students took on the challenge, using illustration and 3D modeling to synthesize their plans, revising along the way based on critiques from their classmates. They then presented their designs to The Pinehills and received feedback from the team.

Learn more about the Architecture course and download a course guide here

Cam Ciesielski