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Apr 14, 2023

EXPLO: Mission and Philosophy

At EXPLO we strive every day to return curiosity and exploration to teaching and learning.


Our mission:

At EXPLO, our engine is curiosity. We drive joyful learning through investigation, collaboration, and play.

Diversity of thought and diversity of culture allow us to generate exciting possibilities for the future. We interrupt assumptions, pursue understanding, and activate minds and voices, whether supporting a learner with a stubborn challenge or helping a school navigate strategic complexity.

Our philosophy on teaching and learning:

At EXPLO, we believe learning mirrors life — full of questions, tensions, and worthwhile digressions in an ever-changing world. We know that whimsy and wonder have a place alongside pragmatic investigation. We celebrate discovery through doing, and empathy through authentic connection. We know immersing ourselves in the earnest exploration of the world of people and ideas reveals the joy of learning — and with it, the joy of living.