This summer, Explo students will make friends from all corners of the globe. But how can they get to know a little about each other before Explo begins? Enter the Iggy Project microsite, the most eclectic, original, and silly photo collage of them all.

Our students asked for a way to start "meeting" their fellow students before arriving on campus. So we answered — with the Iggy Project.

Their task? Students must submit a photo that shows who they are and where they're from. Photos must include Iggy the Explorer, Explo's original logo (which we mailed to all enrolled students earlier this month). 

To launch this year's Iggy Project, we've built a new Iggy microsite, which will showcase all the photos we've received:

Can't get enough of this year's photos? Check out the crop of 2012 Iggy Photos on the microsite, and see how many friends (and faculty!) you can spot.

And if you're not sure how to create a truly awesome Iggy Photo, you can check out the Iggy Project page on our website, watch this incredibly fun instructional video, and your photo, and send it to us at

(Psst — Want to know some of our early favorites? Check out photo B2 here and photo I1 here.)

If you have any questions about the Iggy Project, drop us a line at We'd love to hear from you!