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May 30, 2017 EXPLO Today

EXPLO Ambassadors: Insight on the Upcoming Summer

On each campus at EXPLO, we offer numerous leadership opportunities throughout the summer, one of which is a unique program that stretches across all three campus: the EXPLO Ambassador Program.

Stephanie LaMont

The EXPLO Ambassador Program is an exclusive leadership training initiative available to EXPLO alumni. Selected students arrive early at the program for Ambassador training, assist in helping acclimate new students to EXPLO, and develop and run a series of reflective initiatives throughout each session.

As seasoned veterans, we asked this year's EXPLO Ambassadors to share some insight with families about how to prepare — and what to expect — for the upcoming summer.

What sort of insight do you wish an EXPLO Alum had shared with you before coming to EXPLO for the very first time? 

“Try everything and anything. If you’ve tried a workshop already, even if you love it, try something completely different the next day. EXPLO is a chance to try so many things, so explore as much as you can!”

— Sarah from United Kingdom

“Always put yourself out there. It’s the perfect place to try out what being brave really means.”
— Rajani from Connecticut

“I wish an alumni had told me how transformative EXPLO can be at bringing a person out of their shell to try new things.”
— Dylan from New York

On EXPLO Friendships: 

“EXPLO friendships are long-lasting tight bonds, which is something I had never experienced at a camp before. I wish I had known just how easy it is to fit in and how welcoming and friendly it is.”
— Lizzie from Massachusetts

"Everybody here will accept you for exactly who you are and everyone is here to enjoy the experience fully. Go be a part of that. Jump right in”
— John from Maryland

"The hardest part of the whole entire summer is having to say goodbye to everyone you've become so close with."
— Tony from China

“Looking around on the last day and knowing that I’d made a real connection with people who were just strangers not so long ago. It was incredibly and is definitely one of the best components of EXPLO.”
— Sarah from Massachusetts

6.26_Ambassador_-_20_of_23 (1) 2 copy.jpg

What is something you wish you had packed that might not be found on any Summer Camp Packing Guide?  

The five most popular items our alumni suggest are:

  1. Deck of Cards

  2. Dorm Room Decorations

  3. Musical Instrument (either one that you’ve played for years or one that you’ve always wanted to try!)

  4. Costume/Props for Special Events

  5. Journal

Share some of your favorite memories from past summers at EXPLO, particularly special moments that new students will be able to look forward to

“Sitting at the talent show beside my two best friends, laughing and cheering for all of our hallmates who were performing.”
— Matthew from Massachusetts

“Wow, that's a tough call. I had a sword fight at a renaissance fair, played rock band with random strangers, met some personal heroes on a weekend trip, and that was all in one summer.”
— John from Maryland

"My favorite memory happened all throughout the three weeks — meeting all my friends.”
— Ainhoa from Spain

“My favorite moment was Explose [the program-wide Art Gallery Opening]. I love seeing everyone’s artwork, and the support and enthusiasm from everyone was absolutely incredible.”
— Morgan from New Jersey

Overall_Ambassadors_-_1_of_20 2 copy.jpg

In just a few short weeks, new and returning students will meet this year's EXPLO Ambassadors on Arrival Day. Having spent the day prior in Leadership Initiative Training for peer mentorship, the Ambassadors look forward to being there to greet you, help you with your bags, and invite families to play a round of Gaga (or two) while students get acclimated to their program's campus.

Stephanie LaMont

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