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Mar 05, 2021 EXPLO Today Grades 10-12

EXPLO Pre-College + Career Program to Offer College Credit

Our first-of-its-kind summer enrichment program offers college credit for work on projects with experts shaping the future of their fields. Learn more.

Melissa Patricio

As explorers, we always have our sights set on the future, looking ahead and innovating new solutions to the complex problems that shape our world. 

Earlier this year, EXPLO announced a new Pre-College + Career program designed to prepare high school students with the skills needed to adapt and thrive in a dynamic and evolving future. Designed to follow EXPLO’s approach to helping students take charge of their own learning and to spend time immersed in their interests, the future-oriented Pre-College + Career program provides an opportunity for students to gain professional experience with the experts who are shaping the future of their industries. 

But even as we built the program of the future, for the future, we knew we could make it even better. We knew that students with an eye trained toward the future are looking for challenging college-level work that will help them prepare for their next academic adventure. Earning college credit from a prestigious liberal arts college known for its academic rigor and pioneering approach to experiential learning would allow them to demonstrate that they took on those challenges — and succeeded.

Today, EXPLO Pre-College + Career is the only pre-college and career exploration program where high school students can earn college credit and gain professional experience through hands-on projects created and led by the experts driving innovation in their industries. They'll work shoulder-to-shoulder with experts who will become the foundation of their professional network, receive real-time feedback, and meet mentors who will help guide their next steps toward college and career. 

Students no longer have to choose between academic enrichment, summer internships, or college credit — at EXPLO, they get it all. Starting in Summer 2021, students who enroll in the EXPLO Pre-College + Career program will have the option to earn two college credits for a combination of the work they undertake at the program and a post-program research and writing assignment.

Earn College Credit from Sarah Lawrence College

When selecting a partner institution to provide college credit for EXPLO programs, we knew it needed to be a place that shares our commitment to teaching and learning.

“When thinking about a college partner, Sarah Lawrence came instantly to mind,” says Moira Kelly, EXPLO’s president. “The College is deeply committed to highly engaging and experiential learning. I had a feeling that when I reached out to Cristle Collins Judd (Sarah Lawrence’s president) that she would understand this program’s goals, and I’m thrilled the College’s faculty Curriculum Committee recognized our exceptional academic offerings, giving us the opportunity to confer college credit to our students.” 

A prestigious, coeducational liberal arts college that consistently ranks among the leading liberal arts colleges in the United States, Sarah Lawrence College is known for its pioneering approach to education, rich history of impassioned intellectual and civic engagement, and vibrant, successful alumni.  Their award-winning faculty have been named #1 in the country for Professors Get High Marks and the College has been heralded by the Princeton Review as a leader in undergraduate liberal arts education and classroom experiences. Sarah Lawrence also hosts the EXPLO Grades 8–10 program on their campus in Bronxville, New York.

“A Sarah Lawrence education is rooted in students working closely with faculty and their peers to explore and examine multi-disciplinary issues and ideas from every angle, connecting a student’s interests and curriculum so that they graduate ready to tackle the problems of, and thrive in, a complex and rapidly evolving world,” says Cristle Collins Judd, president of Sarah Lawrence College. “EXPLO’s hands-on, student-driven, and experiential course design shares these values. Beyond hosting EXPLO on our campus this summer, we are excited to partner on this new program.”  

A Two-Week Experience Sets the Stage for a Lifetime of Success 

This summer, we’re taking students out of the lecture hall and placing them in the labs, offices, and professional environments where the work of the profession takes place.

EXPLO Pre-College + Career students will build a functional self-driving car; prepare functional biosynthetic cardiac tissue (like that used in life-saving heart surgery); investigate and solve a real-life cold case with a nationally renowned forensic expert; dive into the American justice system alongside a state supreme court justice; get coached by leading business consultants to address problems plaguing actual businesses; design and build an implantable medical device — and so much more. 

Whether you want to pursue a career in STEM, law, or business, chances are, we’ve got a concentration for you. Join us this summer for robust concentrations in:

Space is Limited — Sign up for an Online Info Meeting to Learn More 

The unique combination of career exploration, professional work experience with industry experts, and college credit makes EXPLO Pre-College + Career an in-demand program — so don't delay!

Sign up for an Online Info Meeting to meet our leadership team and learn more about our programs — including the college credit option and our industry-setting COVID-19 safety standards that will be implemented at all of our programs. Each session is about an hour long and includes time for any questions you may have.

Interested in Learning More? Contact Our Registrar 

If you have any questions or would like further details about the program or college credit, please reach out to our registrar, Amy Keegan. You can email her, call 781.435.7715, or schedule a call at a time that is convenient for you. 


Melissa Patricio

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