This is World Maker Week, which means one thing: Intel, United Artists, and TBS are looking for the next round of great makers — and you could be one of them. And if you make the cut, your invention could be televised. Here's how it works:

Looking for The Next Great Maker

In 2016, Intel, United Artists Media Group, and Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) want to showcase the best and brightest makers in America on their new show, America's Greatest Maker (working title). If you're 15 years old or older, you can submit your invention for consideration, and possibly become a nationally-featured maker.

For some added inspiration, watch the announcement video below:

Who Can Apply
This contest is open to all individuals, from 15 years old on up. If you're between the ages of 15 to 18, you can only submit your application with parental or legal guardian consent. Submissions will be accepted from individuals to teams with no more than three core members. And as stated on the website, "Ideas that center around small form-factor smart devices that do not require video/camera functionality are preferred."

A Few Do's + Dont's

  • Do: Keep submission videos under three minutes
  • Do: Infuse your presentation with you (show your personality, not your pet)
  • Do: Be sure to feature your prototype (but don't send in the actual prototype)
  • Do: Talk about what problem(s) your idea will solve
  • Do: Have fun, be passionate, and most of all, be creative

For a full list, check out the Do's + Dont's video.

How to Apply
Read the rules, submit your finalized application, and upload any supporting photos and/or videos.

Good luck! And if you're in the running, let us know, so we can feature you, too!