Students and families tell us all the time that navigating the college admission process is one of their top concerns — and often a source of anxiety — as they enter high school. With applications to competitive colleges and universities at historic highs, it's harder than ever to stand out. 

The benefits of career exploration — and taking the time to figure out who you are in order to discern what you want to do — are often lost in the mix of internships or credit-bearing summer courses. In this roundtable conversation, our panel of experts weighs in on how career exploration can boost your college application — and prepare you for the challenges of navigating your options when you get there.

Below are chapter markers within the video to get a sense of what the panel covered in their conversation:








What is Career Exploration?

Exposure to Many Opportunities

Breadth of Industries

Downsides to Internships

Personal Development

Ask: What Was Your Path?

Make it Work for You

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