Jason describes his interests as being a 50/50 split of sports and philanthropy — but he’s 100 percent sure about using his good fortune to help those less fortunate.

When I was young, I experienced a family tragedy that could have been avoided. Despite the fact I was young, I understood that something had gone wrong. From that day on, I was inspired to become a neurosurgeon and help other families avoid the emotions that came with that loss.

I also believe my caring nature has been nurtured in me my whole life. I grew up in Texas, and although I come from a family that has been privileged enough to be better off than others, I was also exposed to the harsh living conditions that many people in Texas face on a daily basis. This exposure has really made me want to help people in any way possible.

I have a few small non-profits that I have started. One works with Home Depot and the goal is to sell used furniture and then use the money to give those who need housing some funds to help them out. It is really good to just help people in any way you can. I have been placed in a place of good fortune and privilege, and I want to use that to help other people.