End of Session 2 Slideshow [VIDEO]

August 5, 2018


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Staff Orientation Week

June 23, 2018

Throughout a week-long orientation on campus, advisors decorate their floors, instructors prepare their classrooms, and all EXPLO staff partake in interactive training to learn effective communication, practice hands-on lesson strategies,and engage in working as a community. 

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[QUOTE] Activities

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Meet Mariah from Wisconsin

June 23, 2018

Although Mariah shifted her career focus from medicine to teaching, she will combine both interests as the Emergency Medicine focus program instructor. She hopes to encourage her students to find what they are truly passionate about by creating an engaging and fun classroom. 

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Meet Dada from Minnesota

June 23, 2018

Born in Beijing, English Immersion instructor Dada now calls Minnesota home. She looks forward to teaching language skills through hands-on projects — like building rocket launchers! 

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Meet Ahmed from Algeria

June 23, 2018

Although instructor Ahmed grew up in an Arabic-speaking household, language barriers in his family encouraged him to learn Spanish. Now he has a passion for learning languages, speaking English fluently and beginning his studies in French. He shares how learning a language is a community endeavor that challenges worldly perspectives.

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Faculty: Orientation Week

June 25, 2017

After a week of training, organizing activities, and preparing the campus for Arrival Day, the EXPLO at Wheaton staff has built the foundation for an engaging and close-knit EXPLO community.  Now all we need is for the students to come join the fun!

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Meet Joshua from Ghana

June 24, 2017

Inspired by his best friend to join the EXPLO family, Joshua traveled far from home to work on the Wheaton campus as the IT/AV Coordinator for the summer, and after only a week he can already tell that EXPLO is a very special place.  

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Meet Grace from Iowa

June 23, 2017

Growing up on a dairy farm, EXPLO Vet instructor Grace was hooked on vetrinary medicine from a young age. This summer she looks forward to sharing her love for animals with her enthusiastic EXPLO Focus students. 

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