Meet Oliver from Massachusetts

July 16, 2018

Oliver is entering his fifth summer at EXPLO, and applies the lessons he learns here to his maker projects at home. He's excited to be an Ambassador and help new EXPLO students make the most of their experience.

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Ambassador Arrival + Training

July 16, 2018

Student Ambassadors arrive early to take part in a variety of leadership exercises as they prepare to welcome new students.

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[QUOTE] Ambassador Philosophy

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Meet Anja from Massachusetts

June 26, 2018

Seventh grader Anja says being at EXPLO has helped her be more outgoing because she can be herself. As an Ambassador, she's making friends with different personalities and looks forward to getting to know them better over three weeks! 

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Ambassador Arrival and Training

June 25, 2018

Arriving early, Ambassadors – student alumni who have been selected as community leaders — participate in a series of discussions and activities to prepare to welcome their peers into the EXPLO community. In one activity, Ambassadors work together to guide their blind-folded friends in order to build trust and communication skills.

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Meet Myles from Massachusetts

June 24, 2018

Rising sixth-grader Myles is back at Wheaton for his fourth summer, ready to mentor younger students as an EXPLO Ambassador. He also hopes to connect to others in his living group by playing a classic card game with a team-building twist!

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Meet Asha from Massachusetts

June 24, 2018


Asha is entering her third year at EXPLO, including one summer in the Veterinary Science Focus program. Like a lot of students, Asha may be shy at first — but as she gets to know people, she becomes more comfortable and excited. Her goal as an Ambassador this summer is to help students like her so they can make the most of their EXPLO experience.

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[QUOTE] On Kindness

It’s always good to be kind to someone, whether you know them or not. Kindness can help others make new friends and it can strengthen your bonds with other people. If you have a problem you might need someone to talk to, and if you have good bonds with someone you can always go talk to them.

-Myles, Ambassador student, in conversation

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Session Two: Arrival Day

July 17, 2017

A new session at EXPLO brings a new group of students to the Wheaton campus. Students move in, register, unpack, and play on the quad as they adjust to where they will spend the next three weeks learning and exploring. 

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Session Two: Ambassador Arrival!

July 16, 2017

Ambassador students for session two arrive, and play a blindfolded direction game to develop their teamwork and leadership skills. 

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