Amateur athlete and rising sixth grader Tatiana usually prefers reading to running, but has recently found a love for sports through her workshops at EXPLO.

I usually prefer reading to sports. I still love books, but I love sports now, too. Archery workshop was really fun because I love The Hunger Games series, and I got to feel like Katniss when I shot arrows. I felt like I was living the story I had read about.

Recently I’ve been getting better at sports, and I’ve started loving them. My mom made me sign up for Intro to Triathlon and I wasn’t too happy about it, but now I really like it. In Triathlon we’re practicing a lot for Friday, because we’ll be biking, running, and swimming all in one race. I’m nervous for the race, but I’m also really excited; I want to beat my own score, not just the others in the class. I also want to enjoy myself in the moment. I want to take my time, but also compete.