Meet Stephanie from Massachusetts

August 6, 2016

Stephanie explains how Explo has helped her grow into a more positive and friendly person and shares how Explo has helped her see the world in a new light.

This is my first time at Explo and it’s been incredibly fun! My favorite part of Explo is hands down the people. If I could describe the people in one word, even though I know everyone is different, I’d have to say “welcoming.” Even the new students who had never been to Explo were so welcoming to one another, and I feel like we all bonded so quickly.

An important lesson that I’ve learned this summer would be to not be afraid to open myself up to other people. The first few days that I came here, I didn’t make as many friends as I wanted to because I think I was pretty shy. But, by the last week, I was making so many new friends every day and was so happy about it. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I think if I put myself out there and try making new friends earlier, I’d have even more friends than I do now (which is a lot!).

For my last day at Explo, the number one thing I would like to cross off my bucket list would be getting pictures of everyone. Having the memories of my friends and of Explo is something I hope I never forget! I’m feeling a little sad that it’s my last day because I’m definitely going to miss everyone here, but I’m hoping that we can make a lot of reunions soon!

Explo has changed me because when I first came here, I sometimes had a pessimistic attitude, but Explo has made me into an optimistic person. I’m learning to see the good in things and in people and open myself up more than when I arrived just a few weeks ago. I really hope that I can keep up that optimism and positivity for a long time after I leave!

By Jaryd Frankel

Tag: EXPLO 360, Conversation

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