A first-year EXPLO Instructor and Residential Advisor, Michael is excited for his students to learn about the stock market — both its methods and its morality. 

I'm an instructor and RA. I teach Ethics of the Stock Market, Global Economics, and Personal Finance. Honestly, I was surprised that a summer program would have kids interested in taking these kinds of classes. At that age, even I wouldn't be super inclined to take classes in finance. So I think it's super cool that kids this age are interested in learning about that kind of thing.

It's definitely super challenging to develop curricula that's fun and engaging in these subjects. I didn't want to just stand up and lecture them like they get all the time in school. I decided to do things like stock market simulations to try and make it something that's tangible, but also exciting and fun.

I'd love for my students to be more informed about the way that the stock market functions, but also have an understanding of the ways in which the market can be used for good, and the ways it's prone to cause harm — to manipulate and exploit other people. So it's important that they have an understanding of the stock market, but also that their understanding is informed with some basic morality. I'm excited to share my passion for these subjects with students who have the same spark at a much younger age.