Meet Kailyn from Florida

August 5, 2016

Kailyn is not a burgeoning young artist, but an already established and successful one. Having come to Explo with an immense amount of talent, Kailyn is still taking a lot away and even hopes to go on to paint a portrait series inspired by her Explo experience.

I started drawing in second grade. I love doing portraits. I don’t draw anyone in particular usually. I just do it and I find it simple. I usually just make up the people I draw. I love using blues and darker colors because they show different values. I like that: all the different forms, values, and colors in art. All those aspects of art are what portrays emotion easily. I don’t usually aim for this but the emotion that comes out in a lot of my portraits is sadness or depression. I don’t intend that to happen, it just usually comes out like that.

I draw in my sketchbook whenever I can. I don’t really have a favorite painting, but my favorite things are my larger pieces. I’ve had a few larger pieces that I’ve sold and that I am proud of. I’m a part of a few organizations, like Jack and Jill of America and the Links of the Palm Beaches, that do charity fundraisers and I sell my art there. I’m currently working on a website so I can sell my art through there, too.

My friends and family are really supportive and really proud of me because I’ve gotten so far doing art. Most artists don’t really get their name out there and it usually costs a lot of money to do that. But I’ve just been working really hard and posting all my stuff everywhere and trying to just put myself out there. I knew in fifth grade that I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to go to the performing arts school that I had to apply and try out for, so I started to just really focus on art and not do anything else.

I like how Explo has open arms when it comes to art, and anything really. You could do anything and they’re always so proud of you no matter what. I’m taking Figure Drawing here. I think they’re making me a better artist because there’s a lot of things that I’m learning that I didn’t know before. The instructors enjoy my art and they show me there’s, so I like having that relationship. I’ve just been more exposed to art here.

My biggest take away from Explo will be the people I’ve met here. I’ve met people from all around the world, like from Hong Kong and Venezuela. I think that’s so cool that I now know people in those places. I think it’s going to influence my art, too. I want to branch out and do some portrait series on people from other cultures. It’s really interested me and inspired me to do something outside of my comfort zone.

By Ally Marcino

Tag: EXPLO 360, Conversation

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