Traveling Towards Happiness with Dr. Mihaly Csikikszentmihalyi

December 18, 2017

World’s leading researcher on positive psychology and pioneer of flow Mihaly Csikikszentmihalyi, Ph.D., joins ranks of EXPLO Advisors.

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The Experts Come to EXPLO

November 1, 2017

If at EXPLO we’re going to commit students to the task of exploring the world of people and ideas, we cannot expect that to happen in a bubble. Through the years, we have set to task creating partnerships with some of the most brilliant minds in academia and industry, drawing on their expertise and connecting them to our students. There are many ways that we do this, from subject-specific expert visits to bigger picture TED-style talks at Community Meetings to site visits with industry leaders.

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EXPLO Ambassadors: Insight on the Upcoming Summer

May 30, 2017

The EXPLO Ambassador Program is an exclusive leadership training initiative available to EXPLO alumni. Selected students arrive early at the program for Ambassador training, assist in helping acclimate new students to EXPLO, and develop and run a series of reflective initiatives throughout each session.

As seasoned veterans, we asked this year's EXPLO Ambassadors to share some insight with families about how to prepare — and what to expect — for the upcoming summer.

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Upcoming EXPLO Info Meeting: Livestream Event

April 28, 2017

On Monday, May 1st, at 6:30 p.m. ET, EXPLO will be hosting a virtual live-session info meeting for prospective and enrolled families. This virtual meeting is a great opportunity for families that live in more remote areas to ask questions and get a first-hand feel for our programs, right in the comfort of their own home. 

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Announcing: EXPLO at Yale's 2017 Guest Speakers

April 27, 2017

EXPLO is excited to announce some notable speakers who will be joining us throughout the summer on the campus of Yale University. These fascinating folks will feature during Community Meetings, as well as engage with students during related classes and workshops.

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Mindset Over Matter: Studio Team Takeaways from SXSWedu

April 11, 2017

Laser cutters. 3-D printers. Microcontrollers. Power tools. Basic requirements of a makerspace, right?

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From Rare Books to Masterpiece Paintings, EXPLO at Yale has So Much in Store

April 3, 2017

At EXPLO, we like to say that when you come to EXPLO, you also come to Yale. But what does that mean for our students? Of course it's a wonderful opportunity to experience what it means to live and learn on the campus of one of the finest universities in the world. But beyond the prestige, the stained-glass windows, and the gargoyles (just look up!), Yale is rich in culture, history, and hospitality — and EXPLO at Yale students get to experience it firsthand. 

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EXPLO Presents: The Business of Entertainment

March 16, 2017

What do Breaking BadBlack Mass, Andy Cohen and Seinfeld all have in common?

Besides being wildly successful entertainment industry icons, professionals from all of those projects are advising EXPLO’s new Business of Entertainment Program.

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EXPLO at SXSWedu: Don't Feed the Bears!

March 8, 2017

If you hear roaring and see bears at SXSWedu this week, don’t be alarmed. You can come close to the exhibit  but please, don’t feed the bears.

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Navigating the Skills Gap: What Today’s Students Need to Thrive in 2020 + Beyond

February 2, 2017

In the last year, the World Economic Forum has published numerous reports forecasting the Fourth Industrial Revolution and what the unprecedented interconnectivity of the technological revolution will yield as we approach 2020. We are, as they say, in unchartered waters — and the tools we use to navigate our course aren’t necessarily familiar, either.

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