EXPLO Mini at Wheaton

Creativity and Curiosity: Universal Keys to Engaged Learning

Partnership with Agastya Foundation explores how EXPLO curriculum can support economically disadvantaged students in rural India

by Communications Staff

Demystifying College Admission

We live in an era where students are consumed by checklists: taking the SATs, navigating GPAs, and designing a schedule to fit all of their extracurriculars in any given Wednesday.

By Communications Staff

How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

How can parents ensure their kids make friends that will help them flourish and grow? Choose the right environment.

by Melissa Patricio

The Early Bird Catches the Discount

Early Bird Discounts Available Until December 28, 2018 It's the most wonderful time of the year — the 2019 EXPLO Student Application is now available! To celebrate, we're offering Early Bird Discounts for students who enroll by December 28, 2018.

Stranded at the Salad Bar: Tips to Help Your Kids Make Meaningful Choices

Imagine for a moment being a 16 year-old student at a summer program for intellectually curious teens — surrounded by some of the most interesting international peers you could hope to meet. At lunchtime, you approach the salad bar, and along with the healthy serving of hearty greens, colorful...

Thank You For Sharing Your Summer With EXPLO

We wanted to take a moment to thank you, our inspiring students and families for yet another incredible summer of daring and courage.

How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

Researchers say that we can't choose our children's friends. But strong friendships are a critical indicator of whether a person will thrive in adulthood. How can parents ensure their kids make friends that will help them flourish and grow? Choose the right environment. 

Tips on Using the EXPLO Summer Sites

During the summer, our EXPLO Summer Sites explode with photos, interviews, videos, and other stories from our campuses. Take a look at what is happening today: EXPLO at Yale Summer Site EXPLO at Wellesley Summer Site EXPLO at Wheaton Summer Site For additional tips on how to navigate the blog,...

A Life of Daring and Courage Starts at EXPLO

“At home, I really am the epitome of a shy kid. But here, I have a completely outgoing alter-ego,” says Henry, a high school senior from Maryland. “One of my true passions is dancing. At my school, we have a weekly community meeting that has a talent portion to it. Plenty of people sign up, but...

Curious + Playful: EXPLO Mini Explorers

When our EXPLO at Wheaton Mini Program was introduced in 2014, rising 2nd and 3rd graders stepped with their little feet onto campus for the first time. It was an instant, natural fit. The seven- and eight-year-olds that comprise our Explorer group are curious — to discover, to invent, to pull...

Where Learning Mirrors Life: Teaching + Learning at EXPLO

At EXPLO, we believe learning mirrors life — full of questions, tensions, and worthwhile digressions in an ever-changing world. We know that whimsy and wonder have a place alongside pragmatic investigation. We celebrate discovery through doing, and empathy through authentic connection. We know...

EXPLO Mini: Em T. on Stepping Away From the Sidelines

Crime scenes, conflicts, and condundrums are places you'll be sure to find EXPLO Mini student Em — but not for the reasons you might think. With big dreams of becoming a forensic scientist, Em leads the way pretty much anywhere. Except for the sidelines. 

EXPLO Mini: Nikhil N. on the Surprising Importance of Back-Up Plans

A (very) recent-aspiring vlogger, Nikhil figured the best way to house his productions was to start with the basics — build a computer from scratch. In week three at EXPLO Mini, he has learned all about what having a 'back-up plan' really means, and why it's so important when it comes to creative...