Greater Minds Think Alike… and Sometimes Differently

October 30, 2017

The students just keep coming. All of the seats are filled 10 minutes before the workshop is set to begin. As the instructor writes a series of guiding questions on the whiteboard, the final few stragglers — still on time — fill in the spaces between desks and backpacks. A confident voice rings out amid the hum of cheerful chatter:

“What are we?”

Without skipping a beat, the response:

“Greater Minds!”

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Building Characters: EXPLO at Wellesley's Game Studio

October 27, 2017

At the EXPLO Game Studio, it’s not a question of “What’s luck and what’s skill?” but of what skills students are learning with each game they play.

Negotiation. Crafting a game plan and sticking to it. Being able to adjust on the fly. The art of reading an opponent. . . and the art of a strategic, well-placed piece of deception.

Students at EXPLO at Wellesley learn and employ each of these tactics at our Game Studio, a space for beginner and experienced gamers that also happens to be one of the most educational, animated, fierce, and fun places on campus.

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Game Changers: EXPLO Faculty and Staff Set the Gold Standard in Summer and Beyond

November 29, 2016

At EXPLO, we often talk about our unparalleled faculty — that our staff sets the Gold Standard for summer programs. That we hire emerging leaders with incredible potential, many of them college and graduate students, who are the perfect role models to inspire and energize EXPLO students.  

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