EXPLO Alum, Alison Rogers, is Looking to Change The Future of STEM

April 4, 2017

What if she invents the cure for cancer? What if she develops the next spacecraft to Mars? Perhaps she’ll dispute string theory, engineer a robot car, code the next big video game, program a better prosthetic?

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From Rare Books to Masterpiece Paintings, EXPLO at Yale has So Much in Store

April 3, 2017

At EXPLO, we like to say that when you come to EXPLO, you also come to Yale. But what does that mean for our students? Of course it's a wonderful opportunity to experience what it means to live and learn on the campus of one of the finest universities in the world. But beyond the prestige, the stained-glass windows, and the gargoyles (just look up!), Yale is rich in culture, history, and hospitality — and EXPLO at Yale students get to experience it firsthand. 

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EXPLO Presents: The Business of Entertainment

March 16, 2017

What do Breaking BadBlack Mass, Andy Cohen and Seinfeld all have in common?

Besides being wildly successful entertainment industry icons, professionals from all of those projects are advising EXPLO’s new Business of Entertainment Program.

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In Memory of Arnie Singal, EXPLO Co-Founder

January 22, 2017

Imagine, if you will…

That was Arnie Singal’s request when he would speak to high school students about a burgeoning summer program rooted in independent exploration back in 1976. The phrase is simple enough; common-sounding, perhaps. But at its heart was an invitation to something profound  a front-row ticket to all of the possibilities the world could offer you.

It is with deep sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our co-founder, Arnie Singal, following a long illness.

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The EXPLO Alumni Network: Building Foundations + Making Connections

December 2, 2016

Ask any of our alums and they will tell you that when you come to EXPLO, you immediately become part of an extended family of curious individuals that you can call on throughout your life’s explorations. We are a vast network, in many ways more connected and expansive than any other school or organization you encounter.

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Game Changers: EXPLO Faculty and Staff Set the Gold Standard in Summer and Beyond

November 29, 2016

At EXPLO, we often talk about our unparalleled faculty — that our staff sets the Gold Standard for summer programs. That we hire emerging leaders with incredible potential, many of them college and graduate students, who are the perfect role models to inspire and energize EXPLO students.  

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Explo Announces Join The Debates

July 7, 2016

Explo is pleased to announce Join the Debates in cooperation with the Commission on Presidential Debates and in partnership with PBS Education and the National Governors Association.

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Scholar-in-Residence Jonathan London on Returning to Explo

May 20, 2016

When Scholar-in-Residence Jonathan London came back to Explo last summer, he felt like he was 15 again. To him, the Explo spirit hasn’t changed in 20 years. And that’s a magical thing.

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Entrepreneur + Bread Baker on a Career Well Done

April 28, 2016
Kate Wheatcroft, an Explo alumna featured on the Forbes Magazine "30 Under 30" list, co-owns Bien Cuit bakery (literal translation: well done) in Brooklyn. Together with her husband, Wheatcroft offers fine bread and pastry "rooted in the traditions of long fermentation and classical techniques, with a modern twist." She shares her experiences of the highs and lows of starting a business and offers some key career advice to students.
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Our Thoughts are with the People of Ecuador and Japan

April 19, 2016
Watching the news unfold about the earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan, we at Explo want to share our heartfelt condolences and support to all those affected by these tragedies.
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