The Early Bird Catches the Discount

This Holiday, Choose Mindful DIY Gifts | Weekly Edventure #4

Creativity and Curiosity: Universal Keys to Engaged Learning

A Place to Practice Independence: EXPLO at Wellesley

Setting the Pre-College Standard: EXPLO at Yale

Stranded at the Salad Bar: Tips to Help Your Kids Make Meaningful Choices

Happy Thanksploration!

Demystifying College Admission | Weekly Edventure #3

How to Find Yourself | EXPLO Toolbox

Veterans Day at EXPLO: Meals, Ready-To-Eat

Headquarter Highlight: Meet Eric Edwards, EXPLO's System Administrator + Veteran

Here's How To Keep The Conversation Going After Election Day

Empower Your Opinions | Weekly Edventure #2

Happy Halloween from the Exploration Center!

From Ghoulies, and Ghosties, Long-legged Beasties . . .

EXPLO's Rules for Critical Making

EXPLO Collaborates With London's Highly-Accredited Sevenoaks School

The Danger of Faking Perfection | Weekly Edventure #1

Weekly Edventure: Introducing EXPLO's New Blog Series

Meet Nathaniel from France

EXPLO Headquarters Highlight: Elisabeth Sepulveda

Thank You For Sharing Your Summer With EXPLO

How to Help Your Kids Make Friends

How To Make New Friends | EXPLO Toolbox

Meet Sirianna From Massachusetts

Tips on Using the EXPLO Summer Sites

Laurie Santos Keynote

Philosophy Friday #9 | Professional Access

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be True, Be Curious: EXPLO Ambassadors Reflect on Community Expectations Poster

Philosophy Friday #8 | Choosing Undecided

Philosophy Friday #7 | Taking Chances

Summer 2018 Brings The Annual Breakthrough Junior Challenge To EXPLO

Philosophy Friday #6 | Show, Don't Tell

Laurie Santos — Internationally-acclaimed Professor of Psychology + Cognitive Science — Joins the EXPLO Network

Host of NPR's "Only A Game", Bill Littlefield, to Join EXPLO's Growing Network

Philosophy Friday #5 | Science of Thriving

The Argument for Physical Literacy in an Increasingly Virtual World

A Tale of Two Teachers: Mr. Bulger + Mrs. Swanson

Philosophy Friday #4 | Sneaky Learning

At What Age Independence?

Philosophy Friday #3 | Challenge Your Ideas

Philosophy Friday #2 | Educational Silos

Philosophy Friday #1 | Building Confidence

Assessment is Ruining the Universe (or at Least our Understanding of It)

Celebrated Screenwriter J.V. Hart to Join EXPLO as Professor of Practice

Colorado Supreme Court Justice Richard Gabriel to Join EXPLO as Inaugural Supreme Court Justice-in-Residence

The Key to Engaged Learning? An Environment that Encourages Flow

EXPLO Book Review: Resiliency In the Face Of Embarrassment and Creative Learning Environments

Exploration or Focus: How to Choose Your EXPLO Program

Making Summer Meaningful: EXPLO and Beyond [VIDEO]

Courage From EXPLO Leads Alum, Christopher Streat, to Intern With Trevor Noah

EXPLO + MIT Media Lab: Open Leadership Conference with Joi Ito

Playful Learning at EXPLO

Iconic Candy Dispenser Creator PEZ Partners with EXPLO

Rejuvenate, Recharge + Connect: A Toast to MIT's Independent Activities Period

Who is Taking Care of Your Child? Safety and Supervision at Residential Summer Programs

Mission Training: Exploratory Robotics at EXPLO

Many Paths to Engineering

Making Summer Meaningful: EXPLO and Beyond [EXTENDED VIDEO]

Award-winning Community The Pinehills to Partner with EXPLO

Happy New Year From EXPLO

EXPLO Alum Salvador Gómez a TIME Magazine Teen of the Year

Traveling Towards Happiness with Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

At EXPLO, Students Learn to Live with Daring and Courage [VIDEO]

How We Teach English at EXPLO

A Life of Daring and Courage Starts at EXPLO

Amazing Things are Happening at EXPLO

Brains in Jars: Psychology + Neuroscience Students at the Cushing Center

Acing the Pitch: Sports Management Students Present Final Projects to PawSox Executives

Curious + Playful: EXPLO Mini Explorers

It’s Important to Dance the Numa (Hey! Hey!)

The Experts Come to EXPLO

The Future of Medicine is at EXPLO: International Leader in Transplantation and Immunology David Mulligan, M.D.

Take a Stand: How EXPLO Students Show Courage to Stop Bullying

Building Confidence to Conquer High School

Heart, Mind, and Motivation: Teaching Pioneers + Voyagers at EXPLO

Where Learning Mirrors Life: Teaching + Learning at EXPLO

By Design: A Pre-College Program for High School Students

We Mean Business: Startup Entrepreneurship Students Pitch to Boston Innovators

EXPLO Mini: Em T. on Stepping Away From the Sidelines

EXPLO Mini: Nikhil N. on the Surprising Importance of Back-Up Plans

Greater Minds at EXPLO: Llona Kavege

Greater Minds Think Alike… and Sometimes Differently

Samantha Power Advises Foreign Affairs Students: Get Close and Know Something

Creating a Place for ‘Twelves’ to Thrive: Seventh Graders at EXPLO

Teaching Outside the Box: Elizabeth Warren

EXPLO at Wheaton: Charles Frost On 'Going Beyond The Fence'

Building Characters: EXPLO at Wellesley's Game Studio

Making the Rounds: Dr. Andrew Eyre to Develop and Advise New Medical Rounds Program

Out of This World: The Mars Center for Science and Technology at Wheaton College

EXPLO at Wheaton: Lan Crofton on Assessing Authentic Learning

Let’s Get Moving: Sneaker Activities Keep Kids Active at Their Own Pace

Music as a Tool to Inspire Fun and Learning: An Interview with the EXPLO Kapellmeister

EXPLO at Wheaton: One Thing Green On Your Plate (Jell-O Doesn’t Count)

EXPLO at Wheaton: Chase Williams on Facing Our Inner Apprehensions

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Laura Macesic Ekstrom, Wheaton College

From Harvard + the NFL to Wearable Tech, Isaiah Kacyvenski Knows Sports Management

EXPLO Culinary Arts: Becoming a Master Chef

EXPLO Startup Entrepreneurship Featured on CNBC [VIDEO]

Art of the Arthroscope: Dr. Dinesh Patel

Harvard University Professor Richard Light Leads Seminar at EXPLO Headquarters

Thank You for an Incredible Summer

Meet Miguel from Venezuela

STRATUS Center: Test Drive Your Surgical Skills

Startup Entrepreneurship: Sanaa from India

Startup Entrepreneurship: Nicolas from Switzerland

Meet Tiffany from Hong Kong

Meet Beyoncé and Yvonne

EXPLO at Wellesley: Chasing the Sun with Gabi

Meet Maddie from New York

Meet Helen from Connecticut

Meet Aaron from Georgia

Meet Ex from Massachusetts

Meet Henry from Maryland

Meet Armance from France

EXPLO Ambassadors: Insight on the Upcoming Summer

One Tool: An Exploration of Personal Preference

Upcoming EXPLO Info Meeting: Livestream Event

Announcing: EXPLO at Yale's 2017 Guest Speakers

Mindset Over Matter: Studio Team Takeaways from SXSWedu

EXPLO Alum, Alison Rogers, is Looking to Change The Future of STEM

From Rare Books to Masterpiece Paintings, EXPLO at Yale has So Much in Store

EXPLO at SXSWedu: Don't Feed the Bears!

Navigating the Skills Gap: What Today’s Students Need to Thrive in 2020 + Beyond

In Memory of Arnie Singal, EXPLO Co-Founder

The EXPLO Alumni Network: Building Foundations + Making Connections

Game Changers: EXPLO Faculty and Staff Set the Gold Standard in Summer and Beyond

EXPLO Studio: Harvard Graduate School of Education Visit

Five Tips for Engaging Students in Civil Discourse

EXPLO Vet: Guest Speaker Dr. Leslie Schwarz

Cracking the Case: Forensic Science

Explo Announces Join The Debates

Scholar-in-Residence Jonathan London on Returning to Explo

Abraham Maslow

Running the Captain Fraido Booth at SXSWedu: What We Learned

Entrepreneur + Bread Baker on a Career Well Done

Our Thoughts are with the People of Ecuador and Japan

From São Paulo to Dartmouth, One Explo Student's Journey

Moira Quote in Boston Globe

George Saunders

Explo's Top Takeaways from SXSWedu

Going to the Dogs: 7 Things the Pups of Explo Have Taught Us

10 Ways to Find a Mentor (+ Why You Should)

Pete Docter

Building Empathy: 10 Strategies for Raising Caring Kids

Artist + Entrepreneur Redefines the Future of Fashion

Entrepreneur Reinvents Electricity + Overturns 100 Years of History

29-Year-Old Creates Handbag Label + Launches a Global Brand

Einstein was Right: Ripples in the Fabric of Space-Time Exist

The Puppies of Explo

24-Year-Old Explo Alum Disrupts Journalism with Crowd-Sourcing Startup

White Out! NYC + Long Island, We're Having an Info Meeting Do-Over

We've Seen the Future (of Ed Tech), And It Is Good

Chantrise Sims Holliman

How Intelligent Are You? Let Us Count the (8+) Ways

8 Ways to Live Creatively Beyond Fear

Simone Weil

5 Recent Explo Faculty Win Fulbright Grants

Making Explo Bookmarks

Explo DIY: Make a Paper Cone Nightlight

Get Up, Stand Up—At Your Desk!

Read Your Way to Greater Empathy

Tis the Season!

Our Thoughts are with the People of Beirut and Paris

Are You Explo Orange? Join Us on Instagram + Share Your True Colors

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Share Your Stories on StoryCorps

Happy Halloween!

Science Bob Brings Halloween Home: Try These Experiments (If You Dare)

The Best Apps in Education: Curated by an Expert Teacher to Save You Time, Money, & Frustration

A Happy Halloween for All: We Support the Teal Pumpkin Project

Most Likely to Succeed: Join Us for a Film Screening + Discussion with Dr. Pasi Sahlberg

A Quiet Revolutionary

Casting Call: Are You One of America's Greatest Makers?

Ignorance is More than Bliss, It's a Scientific Necessity

7 Ways an Arts Education Can Foster Great Leaders

The Global Goals: This is How We Can Change the World

Explo Students: Enter the 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!

A Global Day of Collaboration

Beyond Booksmart: Explo Alum Engages Learners

7 Ways Constraints Can Make You More Creative

Calling All Entrepreneurs! The Team Behind Mythbusters Wants You

What If School Was All A Game?

Stopping the Summer Slide: Explo Partners with the Summer Collaborative

Preparing for the College Transition: Advice from the Empty Nest

Game On: How to Help Teenagers Learn How to Budget

Explore the World of People + Ideas with NSLI-Y Scholarships

It's About Exploration, Not Passion

Our Kids Need Nature: Four Ways to Help

Magical Forest Mondays: How to Become Deeper Learners in the Woods

30+ EXPLO Alums Crack Forbes' 30 Under 30 List

Sir Ken Robinson: Life is Your Talents Discovered

The 10 Benefits of Failure: J.K. Rowling's Life Advice to Graduates

Explo Foreign Affairs Alum Launches Young Diplomacy for Tomorrow's Global Leaders

The Career Path that Finds You: Tim Brown on Choosing Wide over Choosing Deep

Joi Ito: If You Want to Innovate, Become a "Now-ist"

Duality, Guilt + Stigmas: The Challenges Many First-Generation College Students Face

Jonathan London Embraces His Inner Geek and Makes a Great Life

NYTimes Awe

Oppi Festival: 5 Things That Wowed Us (And Will Wow You, Too)

Follow Science Bob and Empower Your Kids to Become Scientists Today

Invent to Learn: How to Tinker, Make + Engineer Your Way to Knowing

This is Incredible! What Happens When Gas, Liquid + Solid Coexist

5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

How to Find + Follow Your "Must" When Your Life is Full of "Shoulds"

You’ve Got Allowance All Wrong: Unspoil Your Kids with these 5 Tips

On Curriculum + Instruction: An Interview with Barb Trainor

Tilling the Soil and Maximizing Impact: Law Professor James Forman Jr.

Daily Rituals: How to Become Your Most Creative Self

10 Ways to Become a Better Person

What the Army Can Teach Us About Leadership

Kids Love to Fly! (and Two Other Things We Learned at WSTE)

32 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Kids

Step into Professor Kelly's Curiosity Cabinet

Time Away From Home Builds Self Esteem, Independence, and Joy in Kids

The Waiting Game: What to Remember Every Time the Mail Comes In

Community Outreach: Explo Works with the Sunflower County Freedom Project

The Millennial Trains Project: This is How You Change Your Life

Danny Gregory: Creativity is "The Essence of Life."

Brain Pickings: Where Curiosity and Wisdom Converge

Wes Moore: Find Meaningful Work

Christopher Emdin: Teaching Teachers How to Create Magic

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Expecting Greatness: A Win Win Win

Gever Tulley: How to Tinker Your Way to Glory

Sal Khan

Explo Instagram Contest

Samuel Johnson

Explo Set the Bar for Me

Explore Passions. Ask Good Questions. Make a Life.

Ned Sahin, CEO of Brain Power, LLC

President Obama Commends Student for Stopping Bullying

Family Board Game Review: Dice Edition

Explo Alum Named Rhodes Scholar

Olé to You

Elizabeth Gilbert: Stay Safe from the 'Random Hurricanes of Outcome'

Halloween Contest at the Exploration Center!

I Found a Job I Love Along a Meandering Path

David Healy: New Chair of Explo Board

Try These at Home: Ten Cool Things to Make from Maker Faire

Explo at Wheaton: Real Monopoly

How to Navigate Explo Live

Explo at Wheaton: Faculty Welcomes our Students

Alex Koren Wins the Thiel Fellowship

Edge of Tomorrow Opens Today — with Explo Alum at the Helm

Explo Alumna Leads Shmoop to Success

Let’s Go for a Ride: Levitating + Learning at the Science Expo

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Building Better Bogeys: Crafting the Perfect Mix of Physics + Play

Lloyd Alexander

Things We Love: SparkTruck

Explo HQ: Deconstructing a Smokestack

Angela Duckworth: Giving Children the Gift of Grit

Meet Grant Goodman, Explo Alum + Tech Entrepreneur

Explo Alumna Wins Prestigious Prize at Princeton

Explo Tech: Three of our Favorite Programming Applications

How Do Students Become Fearless? With Courage, Kindness, and Resilience.

Is Creativity Teachable? Absolutely.

Explo Alumnus Writes Hit Songs in Music City

How do You Measure Your Worth?

Growing up in a Maker House

From Paris to Massachusetts: Friends for Life

Scott Traylor, Explo Board Member, Shares a Moment with the Genius Behind 'Sesame Street'

Failure is in not trying

What's More Important: Knowing the Right Answers — or Asking the Right Questions?

Explo Alum Banks on Empowerment with LIME Magazine for Girls

Explo Welcomes Dr. Zhao to Curriculum Advisory Committee

Are You a Hagrid, a Hermione, or a Dumbledore? Let Myers-Briggs Clue You In.

Nelson Mandela

"The Elephant in the Living Room:" Dr. Dimitri Christakis on Children + Television

What if a Radical New Teaching Method Could Create a New Generation of Geniuses?

Teddy Roosevelt

Explo's Boston Marathon Scholars

a REAL boy band

Leah Hager Cohen's Book on Doubt

'Easy Money:' An Explo Alum Takes on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'

Alumni Profile: Journalist Tovia Smith

Explo: Announcing Explo at Wheaton!

Explo at Wellesley: A Letter to Her Parents

Explo: Mourning the Loss of One of Our Own

Sara Gilbert, Explo Alumna, Releases Environmental Book

Explo Alumni (and Honest Tea Founders) Author Innovative Book

Social worker encourages parents to ready kids for life success by investing now in summer camp experiences

How to Stay Creative (After You Grow Up)

Instagram Enters the Stratosphere

Explo: Greetings, Double Robot!

Sir Ken Robinson on Finding Your Passion

Explo: A Good Omen for Summer 2013

The Importance of Building an International Community


Explo Teaches That Anything is Possible

Reclaiming Wonder

Sara Kelleher Explo Alum

Explo Alumni Graduates 1

Einstein Quote 2

Explo: We've Got a Surprise for You!

Lewis Carroll

Explo: Introducing the Iggy Project Microsite

Explo Foreign Affairs Faculty Asks: Would Energy Independence = American Independence?

Explo Alum Teaches to "The Times"

Ray Bradbury

Explo: Our Thoughts Are With Boston + The World


Hovering Hovercrafts!

John Seely Brown

Will Richardson’s TED Talk: Test Prep vs. Authentic Learning

Learners Inherit the Earth

Do Something Extraordinary

Creative Life

Creativity Quote (Maya Angelou)

Things We Love: Building Creative Confidence

Explo at St. Mark's: We Have Worms

Explo Curriculum Director Attends Creativity Conference

Explo Faculty Alum Reflects on Newtown Tragedy

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Let's Work Together... As a Spaceteam

The Practicality of Play: A Closer Look

Thomas Friedman: On Passion and Curiosity for Future Success

Explo Spirit Day: Big Orange Success

Creative Thinking, Problem Solving + Critical Exploration: A Workshop

Explo: Brainstorming the Future

Curriculum Advisory Members: On Debt Ceiling Options

Talking About Newtown: A Resource Guide

Alumni Interview: Sam Detch

Explo Executive Director Joins the Debates


15 years on

Explo Alum Gives Timely Ted Talk

Our New Faculty Hiring Site is Live!

First Join the Debates a Success

Join the Debates

True Grit: How Best to Raise Our Children?

Explo: Week One Highlights

Explo: Monday Morning Links

Explo at St. Mark's: Quote 17

Things We Love: Why Summer Programs are a Good Idea

Explo at St. Mark's: Quote 16

Explo: Friday Night Links

Faculty Alum Jonah Peretti's BuzzFeed Makes Going Viral Look Easy

Dean of Students Welcomes Parents to Explo at Wellesley

Explo: MLIE Quote 2

Explo: MLIE

Explo Alum Shares the Joy with Sons

The Next Generation

EXPLO: Moving Out of Our Warehouse

So Excited

Licensed to Lanyard

Explo at Wellesley: Henry from Connecticut

Tom White Takes on Manhattan

Brian Hughes: Explo's First Employee

MLIE Scream

George Whitesides Has a Ticket to Ride

Leah Hager Cohen: Reflections on Public Reading

Ramien Pierre: Ambassador for the Arts

Providing a Passage to India

Gideon Rose: International Editor

Faculty Interview: Alexandra Koulopoulos

A Game Layer on Top of the World

Faculty Interview: Becky Craig Fleps

Things We Love:

Khan Academy

Things We Love: Miss Representation

Things We Love: Organized Wonder

Things We Love: Join the Debates

Faculty Interview: Chase Caldwell

Things We Love: DIY Kids

MLIE Forever

Things We Love: Wonderopolis

Preseason 2012: Packing Boxes

Explo Alum Tweet #realfriends

Explo is Ineffable

Flipping the Classroom

Jodi Lea Schmidt: Making, Teaching, Recycling Art

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