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July 15, 2018

During the summer, our EXPLO Summer Sites explode with photos, interviews, videos, and other stories from our campuses. Take a look at what is happening today:

EXPLO at Yale Summer Site
EXPLO at Wellesley Summer Site
EXPLO at Wheaton Summer Site

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Laurie Santos Keynote

Happy people are ones that prioritize time, focusing on their signature strengths — those kinds of things you love in the world. They’re the things that give you flow, that you love so much that you’re really present in the moment. One of the things the research suggests is this focus on grades, this focus on accolades and how you’re performing, can sometimes take the joy away from things we’ve already found joy in.

- Yale University Professor Laurie Santos, Ph.D., delivered the keynote address to more than 300 students at EXPLO's inaugural CORE Day. Dr. Santos is the head of Silliman College, a residential college at Yale University, and has most recently been in the news for her course, "Psychology and the Good Life" — a course offered to first year Yale students that instantly became the most popular course in the University's 317-year history. Students then participated in breakout sessions to explore topics and build skills that will help them develop their strengths and interests as they prepare for college.

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Philosophy Friday #9 | Professional Access

June 1, 2018


If you were to take inventory of the professionals in your field that you admire most, would you feel too intimidated to reach out to them? Kelly Corrigan — EXPLO parent, Writer-in-Residence, and New York Times best-selling author — says it's time you feel otherwise.

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Be Kind, Be Safe, Be True, Be Curious: EXPLO Ambassadors Reflect on Community Expectations Poster

May 30, 2018


In every classroom at EXPLO hangs a Community Expectations Poster, a reminder to students of the expectations we have for them while they are a member of the EXPLO community.  On the first day of classes for any new course or workshop, students sit down with their instructor and thoughtfully discuss the “four pillars,”  dissecting how each one is an integral part of the EXPLO experience: to be kind, be safe, be true, and be curious.

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Philosophy Friday #8 | Choosing Undecided

May 25, 2018


Commencement season has arrived. ‘Tis the time for inspiring speeches, advice-giving tales of caution, and everyone in a high school graduate’s extended family asking them what their plans are now that their senior year  has ended.

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Philosophy Friday #7 | Taking Chances

May 18, 2018


Richard Light, distinguished professor at Harvard University, author of Making the Most of College, and founder of How To Live Wisely — a program that aims to strengthen student experiences on undergraduate campuses — discusses how taking chances helps one develop healthy habits of mind and being.

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Summer 2018 Brings The Annual Breakthrough Junior Challenge To EXPLO

May 11, 2018

Sometimes it just clicks and you realize you’ve grasped a revolutionary scientific theory, concept, or principle — but the moment someone asks you to explain it, you find yourself fumbling through the evidential definitions that were once clear to you just moments ago.

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Philosophy Friday #6 | Show, Don't Tell

May 11, 2018


We all have experienced some version of the classic assignment of “Show-and-Tell” — hefting in family heirlooms, jars full of bugs, Pokémon cards, and prized stuffed animals onto our kindergarten desks.  We’d “oooh” and “ahhh” over our neighbors' things, using our senses to learn more about each new piece, salivating over the stories that they might hold. The teacher would stand in front of the room and say something along the lines of “Alright class. Can someone tell us about their object?”

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Laurie Santos — Internationally-acclaimed Professor of Psychology + Cognitive Science — Joins the EXPLO Network

May 9, 2018

EXPLO is excited to welcome Laurie Santos, professor of psychology and cognitive sciences at Yale University, to our growing network of dynamic and innovative thought leaders.

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Host of NPR's "Only A Game", Bill Littlefield, to Join EXPLO's Growing Network

May 7, 2018

Bill Littlefield, whose voice alone is nationally recognized as host on NPR’s Only A Game, will join EXPLO on the Yale campus as a visiting professor-of-practice during summer 2018.

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